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Every great road trip starts one of two ways; with a planned route or grabbing the keys and letting the road take you!

Vancouver Island Tourism has created a couple different routes to get you started exploring around the island. Vancouver Island Road Trips provides you access to well thought our routes hitting all the ‘must-see’s’ on Vancouver Island, BC.

As we grow, we will offer custom itineraries allowing for specific focuses depending on what you would like to get out of your trip! (i.e., mountain biking trip, relaxing trip, or a hiking trip).


289 km starting in Victoria venture to Sidney

“Go full circle on Southern Vancouver Island with the Pacific Marine Circle Route. A road with varied landscapes, stops and views, the loop is a popular trek amongst driving enthusiasts. The total drive clocks in at a total of 289 km or 179 miles. With the beach pull outs, broad ocean views and a leg that takes you past some of the most majestic old-growth forest on Vancouver Island, the Pacific Marine Circle Route ranks high amongst drivers. It’s also a thrilling drive—winding roads and steep hills will put your handling skills to the test!”

330 km starting in Victoria venture to Tofino 

“Traversing the southern half of Vancouver Island, this road trip will take you across distinct regions and landscapes—urban, rolling countryside, and coastline. Consider it your road map to adventure, the journey between city dweller to island local. Around each bend is a new sight, whether that’s landmark Douglas Firs towering over the highway or sparkling blue waters of the ocean inlets.”

168 km starting in Nanaimo to Campbell River

“The Oceanside Route of Highway 19A is a slower trek compared to its sister highway, but it’s a seamless fit with its surroundings. From oceanside ribbons of road to stretches through valleys and over tall peaks, the Oceanside Route between Nanaimo and Campbell River is a quieter, more nature-focused journey.”

385 km starting in Nanaimo venture to Port Hardy 

“The longest of the Vancouver Island routes, the Nanaimo to Port Hardy trek also affords the opportunity to take things at full speed. A stretch of 114 kilometres between Parksville and Campbell River —of the total 385 kilometres for this drive—is set at 110 kilometres an hour. Beyond that, the double yellow lines are like beckoning beams, pulling the car deeper into the dense forest of North Vancouver Island with the canopy overhead. It’s just you, the road, and nature.”

Rest your body.

There are a few different ways to set up camp around Vancouver Island. Between BC provincial parks, recreational sites, and privately owned campgrounds there are many places to camp.

By using the link above you are able to use the BC provincial park website to select a region you are looking to camp in. Some campsites are free, and others have a nightly rate. Bring cash to pay at the campground!

Please be aware that some campgrounds require a reservation ahead of time.

This interactive map in the link above allows you to view recreational sites and trails across BC.

Additional Resources


Ioverlander -This website can also be downloaded as an app and is highly recommended before heading out. Campsites around the world have been uploaded onto this website from everyday people who have discovered them! There are photos, descriptions including prices and directions on how to get to these campsites. This is completely free to use!


Trail Forks -This website can also be downloaded as an app. There is a free version or premium version to allow for more trails. This website is awesome for finding hiking and biking trails and more. There are photos, descriptions, and maps on how to access the trails.

All Trails -This website can also be downloaded as an app. This website is used to find hiking and biking trails and more. There are photos, descriptions, and maps on how to access trails. An offline verse of trail maps can be downloaded allowing for viewing while in the wilderness.

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